Hi there! I’m Alex from Malaysia, born in the early 90s and a middle-income earner. I love money, food, and travel in order of ranking. To sustain my love for food and travel, I need money therefore it is top in my ranking. I live a frugalavish lifestyle as I eat cheaply during working days (frugal) to spend on cafe and restaurants on weekends and on travel (lavish) thus the creation and name of this blog.

Living a frugalavish lifestyle - lavish
What you see
Living a frugalavish lifestyle - frugal
What you don’t see

I created this blog because I want to inspire more people to spend on experiences such as nice food and traveling because we only live once. However, we still need to be financially prepared for rainy days and for the future as well. Therefore, finding the balance is important which I will share on earning and saving money while we gain unforgettable memories in life.

This blog will have 2 main sections which are frugal and lavish. For frugal category, I will share on finances to earn and save more. As my end goal is to reach financial independence, I will also share my journey that everyone can follow.

On the other hand, for lavish category, I will share my reviews and experiences on food and travel to inspire you to try out difference food, places, and activities. The food and travel locations will have 3 categories:

  1. highly recommended
  2. recommended
  3. not really recommended

For food, it will be determined based on taste, price, service, atmosphere, and uniqueness. For travel locations, the recommended level would be based on price, uniqueness, cleanliness (accommodation), and activities.

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