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Review of Plaza Premium Lounge, Gateway@klia2

Before our flight to Bali, we went to the Plaza Premium Lounge at Level 2M of Gateway@klia2 Mall. It is located opposite of Aerotel. Below is the map that I have gotten from klia2 info website.

Plaza Premium Lounge at Gateway@klia2 mall

There is another Plaza Premium Lounge near Gate L8 at klia2’s Pier L as below:

Plaza Premium Lounge at Pier L

Below is the entrance that you will see for the Plaza Premium Lounge at Level 2M.

Entrance of Plaza Premium Lounge

Price of Plaza Premium Lounge
Price for the lounge
Interior of Plaza Premium Lounge
Resting area inside the lounge
Selections of food
Selections of food
Breakfast of sausages, eggs, and baked beans
Desserts and fruits
Pastries, fruits, cereals
Drinks and coffee machine
Free drinks
Lunch of chicken and noodle

As our flight is in the afternoon and we were there early, we were able to try out both the breakfast and lunch.The food selection is very limited and the taste can be hit and miss. However, you can get free flow of Carlsberg for the beer lovers. Therefore, I would not recommend you to pay for the lounge unless you can really drink a lot of beers to cover the cost. However, as we used our credit cards to gain free access, there’s nothing to complain. There are a lot of credit cards that gives you free access to airport lounges which you can refer to RinggitPlus, CompareHero, and iMoney. If you sign up through the platforms that I mentioned, sometimes you can even get free stuffs like bags, speakers and even TVs during their promotion campaign. Free FTW!

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