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Review of Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA

Before our flight to Bangkok for our Khao Yai trip, we utilize our credit cards to gain free access to Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA. The lounge is situated in Mezzanine Floor, Level 2, Satellite Terminal, KLIA near Gates C11-C17. Based on Plaza Premium Lounge’s website, once you get out from the Aerotrain, head to the direction of C11-C17 and take the first bubble lift to Level 2. Turn right after that and it will be opposite Flight Club.

Entrance of Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA
Entrance of Plaza Premium Lounge

Once you entered Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA, there will be a bar on your right and food & drinks on your left.

Interior of Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA
Interior of Plaza Premium Lounge

After you walk past the bar, there are more seats within the lounge. On the right side of the seat arrangements, there are 4 enclosed couch for more privacy on each end but most of the time it is unavailable.

Seats within Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA
More seats
View from Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA
View from the lounge
Pastries and breads
Pastries and breads
Salad bar
Salad bar
Buffet style for cooked food
Limited choices of cooked food

The choices of cooked food is quite limited but there’s also a noodle bar where you can order various noodles.

Drinks in refrigerator
Plenty of drinks selection. There will be charges if you take away the drinks for consumption outside of the lounge
Coffee machine
Self service with coffee machine

If you prefer not to do it yourself, you can also order your beverages at the bar. There’s also Carlsberg if you want some beers.

Drinks to order
Drinks to order
Sweet desserts
Sweet desserts
Sweet desserts
More cakes for desserts

Compared to Plaza Premium Lounge at Gateway@klia2 which you can read here, there are more food, drinks, and desserts selection in Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA. However, I would not recommend to pay to enter this lounge as the price is not worth it.

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