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Seafood Feast and Adorable Corgi in Bangkok

After our relaxing trip to Khao Yai which you can read here, we went to Bangkok to eat, sleep, repeat.

Day 1 – seafood feast

King Kaew Seafood Buffet – highly recommended

The first stop is King Kaew for their seafood buffet which is very near to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Piles of seafood
Piles of seafood
Selections of vegetables
Selections of vegetables
Variety of cakes
Variety of cakes
Different types of desserts
More desserts
Sushi buffet
Sushi buffet
Cooked food
Cooked food

There is a section where you can catch live prawns and crabs. You use the tongs to catch the live seafood and put them into the iced water to kill them.

Fresh seafood on barbeque

The seafood is really fresh and big. And for the price of 399 Baht (around RM50) for unlimited seafood, it’s definitely a steal. You don’t need to worry about your wallet but you might want to check on the cholesterol level after that.

Address: หมู่ที่ 6 8/16 Soi King Kaeo 52/1, Racha Thewa, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand

Business hours: Mon-Fri 4-11pm, Sat & Sun 3-11pm


After the awesome, sinful meal, we took Grab to Marwin Villa.

Marwin Villa – Recommended

Lobby of Marwin VillaMarwin Villa room

Strategic location (422m from Platinum Fashion Mall, 800m from Ratchathewi BTS) with clean room and reasonable price. You can take a look at their rooms here.

Address: 37 3rd floor Petchaburi Soi, 15 Phetchaburi Rd, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand


Day 2 – visiting the famous corgi and seafood again

The next day, we started our day with simple but tasty breakfast opposite The Market Bangkok and beside McD.

Stalls selling food and clothes

Drinks, omelette, fried fritters, and tasty glass noodles
Drinks, omelette, fried fritters, and tasty glass noodles

We recommend trying out the food here especially the glass noodles above. You’ll definitely recognize the stall as they have a big broth pot with fish balls and meat balls as the photo below. The clear soup is light and flavorful which is nice for breakfast.

After our delicious breakfast, off we go to Corgi in the Garden to visit the adorable corgis.

Corgi in the Garden – recommended

You can visit the corgi at the following time slots during their business hours:

  1. 10.30am (only Sat and Sun)
  2. 12.30pm
  3. 2.30pm
  4. 4.30pm

Each slot is only limited to 50 customers and tickets are open for sale 30 mins before each slot.

Corgi in the Garden entrance

There are several entrance ticket packages that you can buy depending on your preference. We chose the drinks + cake package.

Cake + drinks combo for Corgi in the Garden

Once you walked past the entrance, you are required to wash your hands and wear a shoe cover. You will then be given a do’s and don’t instructions as per the photo below:

Do's and don'ts in Corgi in the GardenInterior of Corgi in the Garden

Once it reaches the time, the hungry corgi will be released to eat the food given by the customers. Each bowl of dog food is charged at 100 Bath each.

Feeding time for the 4 corgi
Feeding time

There a total of 14 corgi: Porkchop, Pumpkin, Bean, Quinn, Barley, Blossom, Bone, Bluebell, Dean, Buttercup, Cheesecake, Ham, Marmalade, and Marshmallow. They each have their own characteristics but you can easily differentiate them by the scarfs printed with their name around their neck.

2 corgi guessing the food in which hands
Hmm…which hand got the food?
Corgi hugged by a lady
Don’t hug me so tight you hooman – Quinn
Corgi sitting on sofa
Barley in the Garden

If you like corgi, then Corgi in the Garden is definitely a must-visit. Unless you are afraid of dogs, you will likely be drown by their cuteness.

Address: 338/1 Kallapaphruek Road Bang Wa, Phasicharoen Bangkok 10160, Thailand

Business hours: Closed on Mon, Tue-Fri 10.30am-6pm, Sat & Sun 10.30am-6pm


After visiting the corgi, we head to Central World to have some seafood as there is a food fair going on outside of the mall.

Food fair outside Central World

Large seafood on display
Look at those sizes

Seafood on sticks Barbeque food Dumplings

Then, we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market which we didn’t get to visit the first time when we were in Bangkok.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – recommended

Map of Chatuchak Weekend Market
This map is very useful to find the items that you need
Seller of ice cream coconut
This seller got attap chee as toppings which I’m a big fan of it

We went there on Friday so there were not many stalls opened. However, it’s more of a shopping heaven for clothes and accessories but not so much for food.

Address: สวนจตุจักร Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Business hours: Closed on Mon-Tue, Wed-Thurs 7am-6pm, Fri 6pm-12am, Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

Next, we went to Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market Ratchada.

Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market Ratchada – recommended

Although it was Friday, the crowd here is so much packed compared to Chatuchak. Besides that, there are a lot of tours that come here as well thus the huge crowd.

Entrance of Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market Ratchada Swarmed with people Sweet potato balls stallBig lobsters with reasonable price

2 big red lobsters
We bought the 2 lobsters for 800 Baht package

There is a balance of food and fashion items here therefore I would prefer here than Chatuchak Weekend Market cause I prefer food more.

Address: Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Business hours: Daily 5pm-1am


Day 3 – the eating journey continues

The next day, we went to some stalls nearby the Platinum Fashion Mall to have our breakfast which comes with 2 big prawns. However, it is quite pricey and not to our liking.

Fried noodle with 2 big prawns Tom yum with 2 big prawns

After having our breakfast and shopping at the Platinum Fashion Mall, we walked over to The Market Bangkok to try out Lhong Tou.

Lhong Tou Cafe – recommended

Pork belly with rice and soya yolk
50 portions per day only
Golden shrimp
Golden shrimp (79 Baht)
Butterfly pea lemonade
Butterfly pea lemonade (70 Baht)
Mini BBQ pork buns
Mini BBQ pork buns (49 Baht)
Flower jelly
Flower jelly (95 Baht)
Crispy pork with rice and soya yolk
Crispy pork with rice and soya yolk (169 Baht)
2 person sitting at the top area of Lhong Tou
Unique design where you can sit at the tables below or at the top area

I put high hopes on the crispy pork with rice and soya yolk as there are only 50 portions per day. However, it’s nothing to shout about. But overall the food is ok and I’m especially impressed by the intricacy of the flower jelly although it is kinda pricey.

Address: 111 Ratchadamri Rd,G Floor ,The Market Bangkok, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Business hours: Daily 10am-10pm


Baby Shibuya honey toast
Baby Shibuya honey toast (175 Baht)

I still remember the first time we tried After You in Terminal 21 and there were so many people. However, the branch here is quite empty. Either because the trend dies down or it’s due to the less crowd here. Therefore, you can have After You here if other branches are crowded.

Address: F, G, 111 Ratchadamri Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Business hours: Daily 10am-10pm


It’s a short Bangkok trip but we are definitely contented with the amount of seafood that we had especially from the King Kaew Seafood Buffet. Do visit if you are in Bangkok for big, juicy seafood with reasonable price. We might need to check our cholesterol level after this. Stay tuned for the next article as our luggage got lost after we landed in KLIA.

What do you like to do most in Bangkok? Shopping? Eating? Massage? Feel free to share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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