Welcome to Frugalavish!

This is an introductory blog post to explain the purpose of this blog and how to consume the contents in this blog. I created this blog with the main objective to share my journey of living a frugalavish lifestyle.

What is frugalavish?

From young, I was taught to live frugally which still holds true for now. But after I started working, I do spend a lot on experiences such as travelling and nice food etc because YOLO. However, nice food and travelling is non-essential for a frugal lifestyle. Therefore, to find the balance between living frugally and spending on experiences, I created the term frugalavish.

Yin Yang which is the idea behind frugalavish
Yin Yang which is the idea behind frugalavish

The idea of frugalavish comes from my love towards the Yin Yang theory which is popularized by my idol Bruce Lee. Yin and Yang is created by 2 ideas/energies that are directly opposing of each other yet they are complementing each other in the most perfect way to form a body/energy. However, both Yin and Yang are not perfect. Yin portion carries a pinch of Yang while Yang consists a little bit of Yin. Only when you put both Yin and Yang together you can find the balance. If we were to match this theory to science, it is somewhat similar to Newton’s third law. It states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Putting Yin and Yang into finance and lifestyle, frugalavish would be the balance between frugal and lavish. Is any of the situations below ring a bell to you?

  1. You eat at food courts from Mondays to Thursdays but are willing to spend slightly more for TGIFs and weekends
  2. To buy the latest gadget that you have been eyeing for, you chose not to go out with your friends
  3. For the branded handbag, you eat breads and salads

If you have similar experiences, then you are considered a frugalavishers.

To make things easier, I split the contents of this blog into 2 main sections which are frugal and lavish.


coins from a jar

In this section, I will share my learning and thoughts about personal finance and investments such as stocks. Even though I will splurge on experiences, saving for retirement and working towards financial independence is my end goal.


food nicely placed on a white plate

For lavish section, it will be my reviews on food, drinks, and desserts. Besides that, I will also share my journeys to different countries.

I believe a lot of people are living a frugalavish lifestyle especially the young generations. This is largely due to the media and advertisements that entice you to spend. While I encourage spending on experiences, you should understand your financial standing beforehand. If you have credit card or personal loans, I suggest you to read the articles in Frugal section first. Once you have cleared the debts and have savings for rainy days, only then should you consider spending on experiences.

Is frugalavish lifestyle for you?

If you have been reducing your spending to save up for experiences and are comfortable with the lifestyle, then I think you can relate to most of the articles here. However, if you have been spending non-stop for experiences without back-up plans for retirement, I suggest you to readjust your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you have been saving without spending much on experiences, hopefully I can entice you to change slightly. If not, I suggest you to read more on FI/RE to gain financial independence and retire earlier.

As time passes and we experience more things, our lifestyle would change. There is no right or wrong lifestyle as everyone writes a different story for life. If you are aligned with the idea of frugalavish where we spend for experiences yet saving for retirement, welcome! If not, hopefully you can learn a thing or two from my sharing.

Welcome to frugalavish!

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